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It must be wonderful

It must be so wonderful for you to – every morning – wake up white. Wonderful to know the struggle of a black man will never be your plight. You'll never struggle with racial injustice or fight to be treated well. Just take a look around you. I'm sure you can already tell.  You'll never be the butt of jokes or give the elderly a fright.   Never be followed around in a store because your skin tone isn't right. Out of mind is out of sight, Did I at least get that one right? See, you won't struggle the same struggle for the simple fact that you are white   So knowing this, it’s much easier for you to sleep better at night.   It must be comfortable up there, looking down on others from such a great height. You won't have those awkward stares at work when racist jokes are made. You won’t get told you're over-reacting or that your "racial card" is 'played'. You won't leave silence in your wake when you step onto a bus.   People shifting in th

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