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Motherhood -- impending doom?

As I sit and wait for my little one to arrive, I can't lie and say there haven't been days where thoughts of impending doom haven't hit me like a freight train. Of course, there are days where I gush over videos of newborn babies as I smile to myself and wonder what my child will be like. But then there are those days when I go into "panic mode" and think to myself, "OMG. I won't be able to give her back to her parents because I'LL BE her parent!" Of course, there is the option of handing her over to her father when I am exhausted from holding onto her, but a child's first encounter with love, with affection, and with the world, in general, will come from a mother's care.  Before I got pregnant, it was important to constantly ask myself why I would eventually want to build a family with my husband. The number one thought that kept occurring was the one where my need to extend all the love I had ever given to people who had perhaps never d

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